August 31, 2018

    Gordon Bennett! Part 2

    By / August 31, 2018

    Supposedly one of these auto races actually gave birth to the now widely known ‘British racing green’ colour. It was decided, after a suggestion made by Count Elliot Zborowski, that each country competing in the Gordon Bennett Cup auto race would adopt a specific colour. Great Britain made its first entry into the competition in… Read more

    The Vanderbilt Cup

    By / August 21, 2018

    In 1904 William Kissam Vanderbilt II introduced the world to the Vanderbilt Cup. It was an international racing event with an eye to motivate American car manufacturers into taking part in race culture. A large cash price was offered to the winners of the race and it drew in competitors from both America and Europe,… Read more

    The Beginning of the Isle of Man TT

    By / August 2, 2018

    The International Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, better known as the Isle of Man TT, is a motorcycle race that has taken place on the island for over one hundred years. It’s often labelled one of the most dangerous races in the world and attracts thrill seekers from all over to spectate and take part…. Read more

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