Wacky Races – Part 3

School Bus Racing

This one’s pretty straight forward and a classic case of racing anything with a motor. School Bus racing can be seen on speedways all across the United States. Not only that but they also do school bus demolition derbies. Due to their size and shall we say lack of grace, these races are usually run on an oval circuit, I don’t suppose it would be much of a […]

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Wacky Races – Part 2

Super Truck Racing

Perhaps driving down the motorway and having to suffer the bane of one truck trying to take over another at annoyingly low speeds could put you off the idea of seeing them on the race course but stay with me here. In order to haul around their cargo these trucks are equipped with up to 1000 horsepower, now imagine that when the load has been lifted. These huge […]

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Wacky Races – Part 1

Throughout the history of motorsports, we’ve seen all sorts of vehicles used to compete in order to answer that timeless question, who is the fastest? We’ve seen cars, bikes, boats and even planes compete in one way or another. But surely that can’t be it? Surely there are more bizarre and interesting competitions to be had? Well look no further my friend because here we’re going to take a look […]

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