Racing and Motorsports are For Women Too and Davina Galica Proved It

F1 racing has been and will continue to be one of the most adrenalin sparking adventures that many racers and audience will continue to enjoy. The thing about women in the sport is that, the have either been ridiculed for enjoying it or even being considered to compete ina. Sport that is dominated by men. Unless you go fishing around the newspapers or websites, chances are you would rarely find a woman at the top or even know about the women on top of the racing circuit. Women have always been discouraged from participating in motorsports but that is not the case with Davina Galica.

F1 Racing
F1 Racing

Back in Time – Against Men Who Dominated The Sport

In the year 1978, Davina was hitting the headlines alongside her male counterparts. She is the first British woman to ever enter the international circuit in motor racing. She was not close to even been challenged or terrified by the men in the same league. She joined the sport head-on and made an impression to last a lifetime. While most people expected her to comment in the newspapers saying that she was actually scared to go against the other big competitors, that was not her response. She took it in as a challenge and the spark in her eyes even today, several decades later, is more about the thrill she experienced from seeing the big bad boys whizzing past her when she was taking dangerous bends like a pro. She would never consider herself to be terrified or worried about racing against men in a sport that only saw men in the past, till Davina. She looked at the racers are equal counterparts who can do something that anyone can do; gender be damned. All she needed was bravery, and she already possessed a ton of that when she decided to pursue a career in racing.

More Today Than Yesterday

Today at the age of 75 years, she is a success. Her acts of bravery was not just constrained to the steering wheel of her car, but also in sports like skiing where she represented Great Britain for the Olympics. The way she looks at it, skiing was a lot more challenging as there is no protection as the racing circuit provides in skiing. When she managed to conquer that and lead her team into the Olympics in the snow sport, she believed that she could do the same behind the wheel, 12 years later. It was never about the cups or the trophies that she was in the circuit. She did it because she could. Today Davina is a hope for women all around the world to look at and believe that anyone can do anything and all it takes is a spark and some motivation. There should nothing that stops a person from accomplishing their abilities. Culture, opinions, history or fear should never imprison a person and Davina is the light that showed women that it is possible too.

Written by Donato