The Awe-inspiring History of Germany’s Michael Schumacher in F1 Racing

Undeniably the biggest name in the field of racecar driving is Germany’s, Michael Schumacher. Although he is currently retired, he has years of victories and illustrious experiences as Formula 1 racecar driver under Ferrari, Benetton, Jordan Grand Prix, and Mercedes .

The Awe-inspiring History of Germany’s Michael Schumacher in F1 Racing

Michael Schumacher is hailed as the most successful driver in the sport with an astounding seven championships for Formula One, five of the seven were even one consecutively. Aside from holding the record for most world championships, he also holds the world record for the most number of fastest laps (77), races won in a single season (13), and Grand Prix wins (91).

Schumacher’s Childhood

Similar to all successful people in their respective fields, Michael Schumacher started his illustrious driving career when he was very young. He started off driving karts when his father built him his very own when he was only four years old. It wasn’t long when he was signed up for a Kerpen Horrom membership, the local kart club. He began racing competitively in 1983 where he won the German Junior Kart Championship. Two years after, he was already racing for Adolf Neubert, a Eurokart dealer, and he won the same championship once more.  At twenty years, he already assigned with Willi Weber of the WTS team where he competed in Formula 3 and Formula 3000 championships for the succeeding years. 

The Beginning of his F1 Racing Career

Micheal Schumacher earned a lucky break that began his career in Formula 1 racing in 1991 after replacing Bertrand Gachot in the race. That year was his debut in the world’s top racing series in the Belgian Grand Prix, even if it was cut short because of his car’s clutch-failure. He was moved to the Benetton team and won his first victory at the Spa as Martin Brundle’s partner a year after his debut.

He found another partner in retiring driver, Ricardo Patrese in 1993 for the Portuguese Grand Prix where Schumacher garnered his second victory. The 1994 season was also very successful despite several incidents and disqualifications. The 1995 season was great as well for Schumacher where he defeated Damon Hill in the British Grand Prix with nine wins and garnering his second championship.

Succeeding Triumphs in F1 Racing

As an established racer, Schumacher continued his triumphs in F1 racing with a rumored $30 million salary in addition to signing a deal with Ferrari. He said that it was his goal to return Ferrari to the very pinnacle of motorsports. With a Ferrari F310 car, he won the Spanish Grand Prix, and his performance in the race was praised as one of his best drives yet. The following years proved to be fruitful seasons for Schumacher and Ferrari until the 1999 accident that took away his chances of getting the championship in that year.

However, bouncing back the next year, Michael Schumacher regained his title as F1 Driver champion and did so in five consecutive winning streaks. He retired in 2006 with his historic and awe-inspiring record as one of the highly-acclaimed and skilled F1 racecar driver ever.

Written by Donato