Wacky Races – Part 3

School Bus Racing

This one’s pretty straight forward and a classic case of racing anything with a motor. School Bus racing can be seen on speedways all across the United States. Not only that but they also do school bus demolition derbies. Due to their size and shall we say lack of grace, these races are usually run on an oval circuit, I don’t suppose it would be much of a race watching these things weave around hairpin turns after all. These races are liked mainly for their novelty value and are intended as a bit of fun. There’s plenty of videos of these guys in action out there, you only need to head to YouTube and type in ‘school bus race’ and you’ll be set for hours.

You’re welcome.

Shifter Kart Racing

OK, so maybe go kart racing isn’t so obscure but these aren’t the usual stag-do staple karts that you’ll be used to. Shifter karts are go karts turned up to eleven, these things can reach speeds of 160 miles per hour. Tiny go karts propelled at breakneck speeds, with only a helmet and a onesie to protect you should something go wrong. Shifter kart racing is popular all over the world and has many different race variations for you to enjoy. Sprints, endurance races and speedway races are the most popular with a number of both national and international racing bodies. This is serious sport for its fans and competitors and though the vehicles may be small, oh boy are they mighty.

Pig ‘N’ Ford Races

If you think anything on this list so far has been too outlandish, silly, bizarre or just plain stupid then you are about to have your entire world turned upside down. I introduce to you would could well be the most ridiculous motor race in history, the Pig ‘N’ Ford race. To begin with each driver must race only using Ford Model T’s, these very classic cars went out of production in 1927, naturally they aren’t easy then to get hold of. The race first took place in 1925 so many of people that take part are still using the same motors their family used in early races. The cars must be modelled on original specs, this means that they’ll only reach speeds of around 40 miles per hour which may seem slow until you consider that each driver has to carry a squealing pig under one arm. That’s right, a pig. The itself (though ludicrous) is very simple, a driver must first grab a twenty-pound pig from a pen, crank their engine then drive a lap and repeat the process. The first to complete three laps without losing their pigs is the winner of the race. It’s easy to imagine that this is incredibly dangerous, especially for the pigs, however supposedly no animal has ever been harmed during a race. The racers even contest that the pigs enjoy the races and to be fair once those cars start moving the pigs are as quiet as a mouse. The races are held at Tillamook County Fair in Oregon and certainly take the prize for the wackiest of races.

Written by Donato