Why F1 Racing has More For The Geek in You

F1 Racing is one of the most-watched sports in the world. The thrill that you feel watching the power machines race over 300 kph is like an addiction, which doesn’t have any other alternative in the world of sports. But the thing which makes this sport different than other sports is the technology used behind the scenes. So, even if you don’t like sports much, you can learn and observe so much from this sport. Here are some reasons why F1 Racing is so much more than just a sport.

F1 Racing
F1 Racing

Importance of the Engineers

As spectators, we only get to see the drivers driving the F1 cars and owning the track. But there is the whole team of engineers and tech-savvy employees behind the scenes, which makes these extraordinary performances possible. On a typical race day, a driver spends at most 6-7 hours driving the car. But the team works for days to make sure everything goes right during the race. The process is not the same for every race; they have to adjust according to different tracks.

Science Related to the Sport

An F1 team includes top researchers from different technological fields. This team keeps track of every minute detail. Sensors are put to keep an eye on every minute details during the race. Tire temperature, fuel consumption, heart rate of the driver, and all other relevant information are monitored to try and save a hundredth of a second.

Role of Computers

To improve their previous performances, every F1 team collects and analyse hundreds of gigabytes of data from every race and off-season results to strategize for their coming races. Each unit has large data centres to keep their data and have the world’s best computer engineers to keep it secure. The information is used to program the speed and strategy that the driver would use in the race.

New Inventions

F1 racing drivers have suffered a lot of terrifying accidents on the track over the years, which have resulted in deaths or career-ending injuries. It has been motivating the teams to come up with new safety technologies and equipment regularly. These inventions have also helped the people outside the sports. With the technology, developed by the professionals associated with the F1, even after the most horrible accidents, drivers these days come out of it mostly unharmed, which was not the case a few years before.

Superhuman Drivers

The drivers driving these F1 cars aren’t less than the superhumans. It might seem very easy to be sitting and driving the high tech cars, but being an F1 driver is anything but easy and comfortable. With many layers of safety clothing and other pieces of equipment on their body, these drivers have to bear the unbearable heat in the cockpits, which can get up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit during the race. The difficulties F1 drivers face on the track can crack even the strongest of humans.

Other Contributions

The contributions of F1 are not restricted to the cars and tracks only. They also have helped other sports like bobsled teams in Olympic and cycling teams to create fast bicycles. Overall, the F1 industry has a lot of contributions that it makes toward every industry that works with physics, safety, and technology.

Written by Donato