New Era of Aston Martin In F1

New Era of Aston Martin In F1

By / June 1, 2021

Creating racing cars and winning were the main goals that inspired the Aston Martin more than 100 years ago. Today, Aston Martin is back to the top racing league of Formula 1. From the very beginning, the brand of Aston Martin has symbolized speed, agility, and exceptional driving sensations. These values have led the manufacturer… Read more

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton Is On The Way To Become The Legend Of F1

By / August 18, 2020

After a long break, the Formula 1 cars are back on the world’s racetracks. While everyone is stunned by Ferrari’s poor performance, defending champion Lewis Hamilton is striving to become the most successful racing driver of all time. As usual, he has started the new season a bit bumpy, but after a few races, he… Read more


Benefits of Virtual F1 Races

By / March 22, 2020

Everything has been affected by the novel, Coronavirus, a global pandemic that is killing hundreds of people everyday. The virus is believed to first have originated in China and has quickly spread across the world, causing extreme worry and panic. The virus is infectious and deadly, and has sent the world into a frenzy. Many… Read more

Understanding The Fuels Used in F1 Racing and Its Impact on The Sport

By / November 15, 2019

F1 Racing is the fastest road-course Racing in the world. The F1 cars go as fast as 350 kilometres per hour to fight for the Grand Prix. F1 not only involves racers but automobile companies and fuel and lubricant makers too. F1 acts as a research base for these companies who hope that the performance… Read more

Racing and Motorsports are For Women Too and Davina Galica Proved It

By / September 21, 2019

F1 racing has been and will continue to be one of the most adrenalin sparking adventures that many racers and audience will continue to enjoy. The thing about women in the sport is that, the have either been ridiculed for enjoying it or even being considered to compete ina. Sport that is dominated by men…. Read more

Why F1 Racing has More For The Geek in You

By / July 16, 2019

F1 Racing is one of the most-watched sports in the world. The thrill that you feel watching the power machines race over 300 kph is like an addiction, which doesn’t have any other alternative in the world of sports. But the thing which makes this sport different than other sports is the technology used behind… Read more

The Awe-inspiring History of Germany’s Michael Schumacher in F1 Racing

By / May 17, 2019

Undeniably the biggest name in the field of racecar driving is Germany’s, Michael Schumacher. Although he is currently retired, he has years of victories and illustrious experiences as Formula 1 racecar driver under Ferrari, Benetton, Jordan Grand Prix, and Mercedes .

Dutch F1 Racers and Their History

By / March 13, 2019

Dutch motor-racing drivers have many wins on their record. From Daytona to Le Mans, from Targa Florio to Sebring, many prestigious tracks have seen Dutch drivers on the first place of the podium. But when it comes to Formula One, the track record looks rather meager, at least until recently. There were undoubtedly many Dutch… Read more

The Deadly Parts of Ferrari’s Racing History

By / January 21, 2019

Once the world wars were over, the 1950s became a time of peace and idealism. Everyone was busy building families, and in time the norm of the traditional family was created as well. There was little to worry about in terms of weather and climate change, and normalcy became the trend. While everything seemed right… Read more

Wacky Races – Part 3

By / November 20, 2018

School Bus Racing This one’s pretty straight forward and a classic case of racing anything with a motor. School Bus racing can be seen on speedways all across the United States. Not only that but they also do school bus demolition derbies. Due to their size and shall we say lack of grace, these races… Read more

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