According to the provided route, starting at
Port Maillot the drivers would have to follow the course ...
  • The Bois de Boulogne

  • Neuilly-sur-Seine

  • Courbevoie

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Lewis Hamilton Is On The Way To Become The Legend Of F1

After a long break, the Formula 1 cars are back on the world’s racetracks. While everyone is stunned by Ferrari’s poor performance, defending champion Lewis Hamilton is striving to become the most successful racing driver […]

Benefits of Virtual F1 Races

Everything has been affected by the novel, Coronavirus, a global pandemic that is killing hundreds of people everyday. The virus is believed to first have originated in China and has quickly spread across the world, […]

The Worlds First Motor Race

The Qualifying race was treated as one big publicity event to get people excited for the race and to let them know that Le Petit Journal was the place to read about it. Routes were littered in and around Paris to maximise the awareness for the event and it worked. The final heat began on Sunday, July 22nd, 1894 and crowds of people turned out to see this automotive race, a world first. Read more ...

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